Wholesale B2B business, Retail include consumer and commercial products, Cell Phones, iphone, samsung, htc, huawei, apple, oppo, vivo, lenovo, services, jazz, telenor, Satellite Phones, LED, Plasma, Solar Panel, Generators, HDTV, Monitor and television screen. Include gold, diamond, silver copper. Diesel / Gas / Petrol, new cars, toyota, mercedes, audi, suzuki, honda, hyundai, tractor, bulldozer and Crain. Including medical products ventilators all type, portable oxygen, breathing device, ecu beds, monitors , portable x ray equipment and include stationery. CT scan equipment's, dental products, blood pressure monitors, dybatic, temperature, thermometer gun . Health products, vitamins, energy drinks, GNC brand, protein shake / cookies.

We Develop E-commerce Multi vendor Platform For USA Company

Client Name
: Rji Business
: PHP Plugin
Start Date
: 3rd May, 2021
End Date
: 16th June, 2021
: Completed